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Brainy Kids Television – CGI Africa Animation Studios Programming For Kids

by Ben AbukúMarch 3, 2012

Creating content for children is a struggling market yet a growing one. Even mainstream publications like the New York Times do not appear to review children’s programming, and a quick jaunt through Parenting and Family Circle magazines suggests that they only do a lot of list-like guides, but do not provide a regular stream of comprehensive reviews of children’s shows.

In Nigeria, CGI AFRICA LTD is the leading animation studio, having produced Computer Generated Images for over 10 years. This award winning studio is headed by filmmaker, Andrew Abulu. Their main objective is to create entertaining children’s content to develop talent and boost self-confidence. It is one of the few organizations producing TV programming for children and parents who cannot otherwise afford them.

A Day In The Garden

The Forbidden Love

Brainy Kids Movie

The CGI Africa Animation Studios program provides the avenue where the movies are watched on 150-inch screens in mini 100-seater theatres, in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria. Participation has mainly been through local schools in Nigeria, Lagos.

On the whole, in Nigeria and elsewhere, it’s not fully clear that networks want to produce children’s programs, even as pay channels do. However, governments around the world feel there’s got to be some children’s programming available to people who don’t have cable. But the mantle still rests in the parents laps. And though Parents should make informed decisions about what their children watch, it doesn’t seem like there’s great information available without a major search that goes beyond ratings and plot summaries.

This is where CGI Africa’s efforts are commendable. This is a bold step in making it possible for children’s programming to become more widely available and accessible.

PLOT 1703, F-1 CLOSE,
LAGOS. Tel. 08027500225, 07028560992
E-mail: animator@cgiafrica.net, cgiafrica@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: www.cgiafrica.net

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