Nigerian Idol: Man Impersonates Fela Kuti in Underpants


    Just like American Idol, the auditions of Nigerian Idol are full of comedy. In this clip, one man’s Fela performance really riles up one judge who says:

    You make my stomach turn in anger. You come here before the whole world and before the camera and you’re wearing your briefs? And that makes sense to you?

    Video 1.

    The judge claimed Fela never performed on stage in his underpants, but actually he has.

    Take a look and share your thoughts.

    Video 2.

    • Kenneth H. Badio

      This judge represents the typical African egoist who thinks he knows it all, if he were a leader, he would be a despot, he has demeaned that Kid’s talent, Fela did perform on stage wearing only his briefs.Was it obscene for the kid to do so? I can’t say, but artists personify their thoughts on stage that what made Fela a musical genius. Secondly, the kid was reciting a prose in pidgin English which was the language expressed by Fela in his music,like Rap, when music is added to his prose, it would sound nice. The Judge is the one who was the clown of the day, not the Kid.

    • Cricket

      What the nerve? What idiocy? What a crazy African man with his full blown hard headedness and a stupid aura of the Omniscient. I hate it when I see African men act like they know everything… and they don’t, obviously. Too much confidence based on nothing! A little bit of calming down will do a whole lot of good for these folks. That a child or a younger person can be right too?

    • Patrick

      He came on stage in his pants? I didn’t know Fela did stuff like that.

    • Freddy

      I found this very funny. That host was yeah… a lil too much. It seems he did not know jack about Fela’s world neither. He rather embarrassed himself, not the performer.

    • A-list-girl

      Yeah on American Idol they just laugh. No need getting mad. The funnier performances make for better tv and higher ratings so that judge should be glad dude’s on there in his tightie whities

    • Kukrudu

      Plus, who the hell does he think he is? To insult someone on TV just ‘cos he thinks he’s older…so he knows Fela better? What the hell? leave the young man to entertain us! It’s entertainment for goodness sake and if he didn’t like it, there was no need for embarrassing the young man like that. He needs to step off his “am older so I know better kind of attitude”. This young man is funny and he shd keep it up!

    • Kukrudu

      I don’t get why that guy was angry with the performer. How do you get angry with someone’s performance just ‘cos you don’t agree with their outfit. Whether Fela was dressed up on stage or not, the fact remain that the man was almost naked if not naked on camera sometimes. I have seen Fela on camera naked with some over 20 women smoking whatever. Now I don’t judge Fela for his unconventional way of life such as marrying 21 women simultaneously ‘cos I love his music. This young man obviously has seen Fela many times in his briefs singing… he is not on stage performing a song as if he’s Fela but if I were called upon to impersonate Fela, I will go on that stage naked with some 20 naked women!

      • Stacey

        lol I bet you would be on the stage